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Calling All Divers

July 31, 2012

Hi There Everyone,

Thanks for rolling in.   This is my first venture into the dark depths of the world of Blog, so let’s hope it all works.    I’m inviting you all to chip in and take part so please don’t be shy.

This Free Open Blog is being launched in order to bring to your attention the recent, June 2012, claim by Mark Colman for a New World Record : ‘Longest Continuous SCUBA Dive in a ‘Controlled Environment’.  

These Record Claims have been popping up to the surface from time to time over the past 25 years or so, each time ‘The Rules’ seem to have been changed and the actual dive duration has now become a series of short dives with surface intervals, this is therefore nothing at all like  ‘the longest or continuous’ .. in my book.

What will follow is intended to be an attempt to get the real record acknowledged and the Guinness Book of World Records updated and put straight.   Following that we need to ask for a permanent and realistic set of internationally agreed Record Rules, in order that any future claimants will know exactly what they are getting into and what they need to achieve.  

This is my opening post, I’m just testing the water here, more will follow as we get the blog rolling.  I look forward to reading your contributions .. so please do chip in.  Cheers.

Stay Safe.   Tango

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  1. Tony Shew permalink

    Well let’s face it, no one is going to even try to beat this record under the same rules are they? So I suppose a bit like the A level exams, the powers that be have to make it easier to accomplish an acceptable result – a pass !!!

    But as Trevor says, just who is it that deems themselves important enough to describe the “new” rules? There were no rules in 1986 so Trevor set them. It begs the question why they didn’t consult Trevor before declaring a new class of record. A new class because having 5 minutes out of the water every hour, or 30 minutes out every 12 hours simply is not the same set of conditions – not the same record.

    I have no problem with either of these guys claiming some sort of record but it ain’t the underwater endurance record that’s for sure. That remains intact.

    Finally I offer congratulations to both these guys because make no mistake as to the efforts required to undertake such a feat of human endurance. But my real admiration goes to the 1986 team without who’s outstanding organisation and support, the record could not even be attempted, let alone receive astonished admiration from those guys at NASA…


  2. The Fact that the Guinness book of records decided to remove this from the record books is sad! However, the proof is undeniable that Mike did in fact spend 212.5 witnessed hours in a tank, without surfacing, means that the event actually happened which was, and is the longest underwater endurance in a controlled environment.
    It seems a great pity that the “original” record goes unrecognized by today’s “rules”!!! What ever they may be!?

  3. pinkpond7 permalink

    I’m proud of you for standing your ground on this achievment ~ surely the Guinness Book should have this as the record but no harm in a foot note stating it has now been changed due to health and safety blah blah ~ you have the proof it was done and how it was done it could be recognised by GBoWR still possibly as the one and only

  4. Pillion rider permalink

    It’s like so many things these days – everything is getting easier to achieve, because they change the rules. Keep on standing up for truth Trev! Someone has to tajke a stand!

  5. Tony Shew permalink

    I think we need a load more comments on here so another approach can be made to The Guinness Book of Records, The are simply ignoring any representation at the moment, but as you say, pinkpond7, they must have the record in their archives. Well perhaps not and that might be the reason for their silence? How many other records have been obliterated in a similar way. I suggest we change their name to The Guinness Book of recent Events, because they cannot be trusted to hold up their data as true records.

  6. Gareth Morris permalink

    As a member of Mike’s Underwater Endurance support team in 1986 I to was dismayed when I realized that the Mike’s record had been broken in 2003 by a Singaporean using more sophisticated equipment and having an underwater shelter for breaks, feeding etc. This and all future records clearly are not the same as that set by Mike which was for continuous submersion using standard scuba gear. If the Guinness Book of records wishes to change the rules for underwater endurance, I have no objection to this, but they should clearly differentiate what is now required and what was achieve by Mike 27 year ago, and retain reference to Mike’s original and unbroken record. For those not involved with Mike’s team I would just like to re-iterate the amount of work and determination require to keep Mike underwater for 212.5 hour. Firstly I would like to salute Mike, he is the record holder and without his tenacity and dedication to improve on his previous records we would have little to talk about. I would like also to salute Trevor as without him there wouldn’t have been a team capable of supporting Mike. During my time assisting I was fortunate to spend time in the tank with Mike and assist with both his sleeping and feeding. I clearly remember my first attempt and at holding Mike’s regulator in place so he could sleep. Either I was a bit rough or Mike was disorientated and I quickly learnt that you could be sworn at underwater. Mike also gave me some stick when I was told to bring up his favourite regulator with anatomical mouth piece, as this was leaking, and I tried to replace this with a regulator with standard mount piece. I also clearly remember the strange feel of Mike’s sodden scalp as I cradled him and the big hand shake I got when I finally left the tank. Let’s hope the Guinness Book of records change their mind and reinstate Mike’s record. This would be the just thing to do.

    To Mike, Trevor and the rest of the team many thanks for giving me the chance to take part. If you’re mad enough to do it again give me a ring.

  7. Paul.N permalink

    Hello my name is Paul, 34, U.K, Non-diver.

    I have been following this event via communications with a man called Tony.S who is friends with members of the original Record team.
    Anyway he was looking for a copy of GBOR 1986, which I helped him acquire so he could have a copy of the original record as ammunition.
    Tony informed me over many Emails that GBOR refused correspondence of any kind.

    Its a definite major blunder on the part of GBOR, the fact they have done this and the fact they refuse to speak, write, Email – whatever, just goes to show they are either Ignorant, very stupid or just plain scared.
    With the original record in anyone’s hands, all parties involved in trying to reclaim this record have some very powerful paper work.
    The fact they will not correspond is a major wrong itself in legal terms.

    I personally think these parties have the means to start a massive inquiry of sorts against GBOR, if not a legal claim in this country or USA etc etc, I don’t know, i’m not a legal expert in these matters.
    But different countries have different laws concerning these things.

    The world should know about this wrong doing, its been happening for years (that I truly believe) and will carry on if people aren’t made aware of this.
    Have you started a group on Facebook or twitter, maybe on the lines of “I had my Record stolen/removed by GBOR”.

    Tony also told me SCUBA magazine were printing an article on this matter.
    Going public like SCUBA mag, will get you recognition and more so on Facebook etc etc, and maybe some third party will be sympathetic and come to your aid.

    Even small people can take on the corporate bullies who think they own the world.
    Who knows how many have been affected unless you try every angle to maybe find these offended Ex-record holders.

    Good Luck,

  8. Dia Huxley permalink

    Well done Mike, Trevor and the team. I was blown away when Mike came to Solihull Sub Aqua Club and he and Trevor gave a presentation about the record. This was about 10 or 12 years ago. I am only sorry that I joined the club and started diving after the event – I would have loved to be involved in something as momentous as that.
    Yes, Guiness Book of Records take note, it was a recognised, witnessed and recorded event, and a fabulous achievement. If they move the goal posts for safety or whatever reason, at least they should have the curtesy to respond, and to recognise past achievements

  9. Hi Guys,

    Trev here. It is really nice to be getting a few comments at last .. thank you all very much.

    In the hope that there might be a few more still to come .. and to save things getting rather repetitive. Can I say Thank You in advance to you all, I’m sure all your interest, support and comments are and will be very much appreciated by all The Support Team members from 1986 ;o) Keep them coming..

    Live It Every Day and Stay Safe ;o) Trev

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